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Available for hire.
References and portfolio available upon request.
  • Art Direction

  • Commissioned Works for Film & Theater

  • Direction for Film & Theater

  • Script Development

  • Videography

  • Reel Videography for Actors

Selected Works

Wily / 2023, horror pilot, 60 pages

A troubled social worker cares for a young boy after the boy's parents are allegedly killed by a wolf, but little does he know things are about to get much worse after the boy claims to see something hunting them.

Prey For Us / 2022, dramatic thriller pilot, 53 pages

A small-town serial killer with a preference for murdering useless men finds she’s met her match when a mysterious newcomer encroaches on her turf.

The Opposite of Love / 2022, magical realism dramedy pilot, 39 pages

A soon-to-be-divorced couple has to learn to forgive each other for all their failures after they switch bodies.

Ursa Major / 2022, magical realism horror play, 73 pages

When his best friend goes missing in a national park under mysterious circumstances, a teenage boy must confront his small town's politics as he pursues the truth of how his best friend went missing and why no one is trying to find him.

Family Annihilation / 2021, psychological thriller feature film, 83 pages

After her charismatic husband predicts doomsday is on the horizon in their rural commune, a struggling mother must prove he is lying and escape his clutches with their brainwashed child.

In My Hands: A Memory Play / 2021, dramatic play, 66 pages

When Sascha moved in with her college sweetheart Dan after five years of being together, she thought she had it all figured out. But after Dan is fired for allegedly assaulting his and Sascha's female co-worker, Sascha realizes she may not know the love of her life as well as she thought she did.

STRIKE / 2020, experimental solo play, 28 pages

Strike! follows a Stage Manager as he slowly loses his sanity during previews for a doomed production of The Tell-Tale Heart.

Everything Will Be Fine / 2020, wordless movement play, 4 pages

An award-winning drive-in theater experience about a woman learning how to deal with a new world and her well meaning (if slightly clueless) friends after experiencing an unthinkable loss.

Animal Crackers / 2020, absurdist dramatic play, 65 pages

De’Von is your average young Black man home from school for fall break. Caroline, his adoptive white mother, is thrilled to have her baby back. However, after a racial slur is spray-painted onto her home, she becomes determined to prove to De’Von that the world is changing for the better, and she and De’Von’s siblings plot to catch whoever did it to make them suffer.

Bluebeard / 2020, experimental solo play, 30 pages

Bluebeard is an experimental solo performance which recounts the tragic life of Maeve as she evolves from being an innocent farm-girl to the neglected wife of the mysterious Lord Bluebeard.

Heartless Bitch / 2019, tragicomedic play, 61 pages

Heartless Bitch is a series of vignettes featuring ordinary people and extraordinary creatures. We eavesdrop on the private lives of two sisters, a woman determined to protest God for how he’s running things, a family caught in a time loop, and two immortal beings trying to find love in the age of Tinder. This piece is a glimpse into an irreverent, terrifying, and sometimes poignant world where everyone is hoping to find unconditional love and joy across time and space.

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