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Zoë Kerr

Theatre & Film Director

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Zoë Kerr
Hi, I'm a director, writer, screenwriter, producer, and editor.
At the moment I am:
  • Promoting my second short film Dansmonster, which just wrapped on post-production.
  • Writing my first feature-length screenplay that is a cross between Lost in Translation and The Grudge.
  • Celebrating the sold-out tour of my movement theater piece Everything Will Be Fine, which traveled through the Dallas-Fort Worth area from June through September 2020 and won Outstanding New Play at the Dallas-Fort Worth Critics Forum Awards.
  • In pre-production on several short form projects, including a female-led action short film, a giallo-inspired short film, and a mini-series about how food insecurity and capitalism intersect.
  • Developing an experimental solo piece about a stage manager who goes insane during a performance of The Tell-Tale Heart: The Musicale for the Dallas Festival of Independent Theatres 2020.
  • In pre-production as writer and director for an original theatrical production titled Animal Crackers set to premiere in Spring 2021 as part of the AT&T Performing Arts Center Elevator Project series.


If you've made it this far, you deserve my backstory.

I began acting when I was twelve years old and realized almost a decade later that I much preferred being the one calling the shots in the theater and on-set, so I started training in Directing and Playwriting at my alma mater, Southern Methodist University.

One BFA later, I'm a freelance director, writer, and producer within my company Vena Cava Productions, while working as the Head of New Work Development for Prism Movement Theater in Dallas. Basically, I write and receive grants from the city and I help other artists figure out how to tell their stories as effectively and concisely as possible--all through visual storytelling. Not too dissimilar from film, huh?

When I'm not assisting other artists, I work on my own projects. My films and plays are subversive, suggestive, and more than a little weird. I also focus a lot on movement storytelling and giving marginalized artists a place at the table. I believe in diversity, equity, and new original work.

Take a look around, check on my work updates, and enjoy the videos I post every so often. Feel free to contact me below if you have any questions or just want to get to know my work better!



@iamzoekerr on IG and Twitter

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